Windows OS TroubleShooting

by onezero
3 years ago

Table of Contents

Security Warning When Opening Files from the Network Share

In this type of error, you will fix the error related to Open File – Security Warning.

  • Open File – Security Warning
  • Subject Description
    • The warning window may appear when the program is launched from a shared network folder using the UNC path. In this case, it is easiest to add the name and/or IP address of the server hosting the executable file to the Local Intranet zone in the Internet Explorer settings.

    • An error caused by the server is name and/or IP address not being in the Local Intranet zone in Internet Explorer settings.

    • 1. Go to Control Panel → Network and Internet → Internet Options;

    • 2. Security tab;

    • 3. Open Local Intranet → Sites → Advanced;

    • 4. In the next window, add a name and/or an IP address of a server. For example, \\, or \\\ for a local computer. You can use a wildcard character. For example, you can add all IP addresses of your local network to the Local Intranet zone using the following line: file: //192.168.1.*. .;


Excel Formula Error

In this type of error, you will fix the problem of not writing the formula that you calculated with epplus on that line.

  • Error writing to rows related to Epplus
  • Subject Description
    • Runtime will also not write the calculated value to the corresponding column when you want to perform operations using one or more sheets within the formula.

    • When the data in the columns used in the formula is changed and recalculated when this process is carried out with the EPPlus library, EPPlus cannot reach the new value in the formula column, causing the previous value to remain.

    • Using the run step in studio to open the excel;

    • Keyboard key step-> Ctrl + S;

    • Screen verification should be made to the Saved text;

    • Keyboard key step -> Alt + F4;


Program Uninstall Error

In this type of error, Add a program will not remove it when you want to remove it from the uninstall.

  • Program Uninstall
  • Subject Description
    • You may also get an error if you want to remove Voodoo from add or remove programs.

    • This is due to manual removal of all windows installer information for the program during or after setup.

    • 1. The Registry Editor opens. Choose in order; Computer → HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → Microsoft → Windows → Current Version → Uninstall;

    • 2. Ctrl + F → Voodoo → We’re deleting the file for the incoming ID number.