VooDoo RPA Pricing

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VooDoo Studio & Robot
Visual Record
Native OCR
Data Source
Data Access Component
E-Mail Listening
Debugger Tools
Developer Perspective Support
Third Party API & SDK Integration
Process Logs & Screenshots
Online Step Creation
Code Snippet Download
Expression Step Download
ML.Net AI Building & Consumption
CBS (Cross Browser Scripting) Component
Studio Scenario Running
Studio Plan Running
Scenario Export / Import
Hundreds of Step (Actions)

Standart Support
Forum and VooDoo Wiki


(In Addition To Community)

$ 1300/ Year

VooDoo Studio & Robot
Document Table Recognition
E-Mail Sending
Simple Task Schedular

VooDoo Unified Console
Daily Robot Performance & Statistics
Manual Plan Triggering
Process Logs
Simple Task Schedular
Organization Management
Profile Management
Input Form Designer
E-Mail Notifications
Process Designer
Operational Dashboard
VooDoo Connect – Mobile Interaction

Premium Support
5 hours live remote support.*
5 tickets to our service desk.
Udemy basic training.


(In Addition To Standard)

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VooDoo Unified Console
Bot Box & Desktop Trigger
Process Logs With Screenshoots
Advanced Cron Schedular
Online Desktop Monitoring
Remote Robot Operation Manager
Remote Close / Kill Screen Applications
Configuration Manager
Studio, Robot and Service Log Viewer
VooDoo Platform Health Manager

Premium Support
Extra 10 tickets to our service desk.
Udemy advanced level training.
Man-Day RPA Developer Hiring Service

Tens of VooDoo Addon Integration
Text In Wild
Plate Detection and OCR
ID Card Detection & Extraction

* 5 hours live support can include process development and technical support from our VooDoo RPA Developer Team. You can use this support hours max in 2 sessions.

Upgrade Your VooDoo RPA Community Version

Once you get the taste you will never look back! When you have too much on your plate to handle with the Community plan, you will need to upgrade to Standard or Enterprise versions. We prepared the links below to avoid workflow data loss while upgrading.

  • Upgrade To RPA Standard Edition
  • Upgrade To RPA Enterprise Edition

VooDoo RPA Support Options

Do you need technical or business-level support for Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? You apply Voodoo RPA alternative support channels besides the Resources section of this site.

Calculate your RPA ROI?

Not all processes are created equal. Some of them are more feasible. If you have the intention of moving human-performed processes to the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform for doing by robots, you need to think about the benefits. One of the most important keys in RPA Projects is Return on Investment (ROI).  You can practically calculate the ROI of your RPA Projects build on the VooDoo RPA platform. To use RPA ROI calculator click here.

You will need Unified Console, here is Why.

RPA Unified Console (UC) is a successor of traditional central RPA management tools namely orchestrators. Accordingly, RPA UC is not a tool just for RPA developers, it could be used by HR, Accounting, Marketing… anyone with some computer experience could use it.

Here are some of the capabilities: Organizational level robot utilization, Manuel robot interaction, desktop triggering, process design document creation, unattended robot desktop monitoring, operational and tactical reporting, robots’ statistics calculation, and so on… To check Robotic Process Automation Unified Console overview page click here.