Developer Edition Installation

by Voodoo Editor
2 years ago

Table of Contents

How to Install Voodoo RPA (Developer Edition)

This is the “Developer Edition” of VooDoo RPA which is produced for educational processes. The Developer Edition comes with a Welcome Scenario and it can be runnable when it is installed totally.

Installation Video

System Requirements
Hardware Requirements
CPU 4 Cores
STORAGE SPACE Minimum Storage Space 60 GB
Process Order Processes
1. Go to the VooDoo RPA Website, click ButtonDownloadENG and open the Download Center.
2. Register to VooDoo RPA website with mail address which has “.edu” extension.
3. After Registration, Login to the download center of VooDoo RPA
4. Click DownloadDirect Button which is bordered at the top for “Developer Edition”(Please watch the video!)
5. Install the VooDoo RPA + VooDoo Unified Console which are in installation package.