Unified Console Update

by onezero
3 years ago

Table of Contents

How to Update Unified Console

Note: The web.config file in the C:\Program Files\VOODOOUC\www\web folder must be backed up before starting the update process.

1.The files in the Web.zip folder are extracted.The following files should not be imported.

  • Crontab.ps1
  • Crontab_config.xml
  • Licence.key
  • Config File

2.Folders extracted from the Web.zip file are pasted into the C:\Program Files\VOODOOUC\www directory.

3.After this process, the backup web.config is pasted into the C:\Program Files\VOODOOUC\www\web file.

4.If there is a version query in History file; this query must be run through MYSQL workbench.

Note: Please contact the technical team support@voodoorpa.com for updates on any user-based changes.