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Use of 3rd Party Tools in The Voodoo RPA Program

The operations performed on the computer screen are recorded on the videos. It is saved to the desired directory on the computer.

  • Steps to be followed when using:

  • 1. Download the full-build version of FFMPEG from the website.(‘https://ffmpeg.org/download.html’) It is extracted to the desired directory on the computer

    2. To use this tool, “Application Execution” step is added to the scenario.

    3. In the scenario step, the “Component To Execute” field is selected as “Special Component”.

    4. In the “Special Component” section, the directory from which the extracted FFMPEG is entered in the File path.

    5. In the “Parameter” field, add the following: “-f gdigrab -framerate 24 -i desktop -t 00:00:10 C: \ Users \ Desktop \ Voodoo \ Video \ video.mkv”.

    – The command required to record video with FFMPEG is written.
    – These are the time parameters of the video specified as –t (00:00:10) in this command. The file path in the command is the field where the video will be saved.
    – Many video formats are supported with FFMPEG.

    6.“Interface” Area is selected as “Window Creation”.

    7.“Operation Type” field is selected as “Run, continue”.

    When these steps are completed, your video recording process with FFMPEG is completed.