About Us - Voodoo RPA

Our founders Ahmet and İlkhan noticed that companies have overlapping grounds with their needs while creating project-based tailor-made software solutions for them.

The duo put their heads together and created a visual test robot that would take care of boring testing tasks. After a while, it became obvious that this tool could be used in non-technical jobs in a business as well.

Our founders, who turned the helm of OneZero Intelligent Technology company to Robotic Process Automation, continued to establish communication by taking Selin to the team.

Our mission is to help businesses increase their performance by speeding up their processes while reducing our foreign dependency by disseminating domestic and national technology.

Our core values ​​that guide us;


Act right;

We always make ethical decisions, even in gray areas, where no one will see, and we move forward with a clear conscience.

Stronger together;

Everyone in our team is talented, but we always do our best work with teamwork.

Enjoy the journey;

Our job is important to us, but we also have a family, a need for rest, a work-life balance that we want to maintain.

Think big,

We are never satisfied, we always seek better. We always aim for the better in order to serve our customers better.