Unified Console Overview

by onezero
3 years ago

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Voodoo Unified Console

What is Unified Console?

Voodoo Unified Console or Voodoo Orchestrator is an application that empowers organizations to manage, monitor, and audit robot farm from a single point.

Unified Console is a web-based application. That can be deployed on Windows or Linux operating systems. That application normally comes with the installation package. And with a few clicks, your Voodoo Orchestrator environment is ready. Voodoo Unified Console has lots of valuable features and some of them are:

  • Operation Dashboard: In real-time, You can see robots’ activity, get informed about their daily attended, unattended and scheduled tasks. Also analysis robot’s performance.
  • Bot Box: All robots can be monitor in one place. You can see their actively processing plan and steps, health and robot’ station mortal information like utilization, disc capacity, etc.
  • Enhanced Notification: You can get informed about all robot activities with their station screenshots such as when the plan started, completed, or stumbled.
  • Granular Authorization: All plans can be isolated under the organization schema and associated with robots. Besides, each profile rights can be defined by module and method depth.
  • Input Form Design: For scheduled or user-triggered plans, you can design an input form to convey this data to the robot’s performed process. Thus, you can use these data in your scenarios namely business processes. That is a drag-and-drop form designer on Voodoo Orchestrator and can be related to plans.
Voodoo Orchestrator - Unified Console 1

Voodoo Orchestrator – Unified Console 1

Voodoo Orchestrator - Unified Console 2

Voodoo Orchestrator – Unified Console 2