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Use this step to click a standard location on the screen; ie. it works related to X-Y coordinates. To use textbox step, related image region is selected firstly.

  • General Information
  • Parameter Description
    Name The name of textbox step. (Compulsory)
    Description The description of textbox step. (Not Compulsory)
  • Region
  • Parameter Description
    Related Flow Image The using image during this step. (Compulsory)
    Region Of Interest Select the region to click and enter the text or password. When this image selected, the mouse will act double click to the center of selected rectangle.(Compulsory)
  • Action
  • Parameter Description
    Action Explains the local double click mouse action to selected region. Can be selected as Normal(Text or any other ‘…’ option) or Password. (Compulsory)

    Type Double click to the center of selected rectangle as Normal or Password.

    • Normal
    • When you choose text, the text or options can be chosen from ‘…’ button.

    • Password
    • When you choose password, the password can be entered from the keyboard as encrypted.


    Enter the desired text or password.

    • Constant
    • Text, number, special keys or characters can be entered from keyboard.

    • Variable
    • Variables can be entered from Variable Text Value section.

    • Data
    • Data can be chosen from previously entered data source as data source and data field from Data section.

    Special Key Enter as special key during the situation of special keys needed as ex.Close the window (Alt+F4) – Add ‘Alt’ and then ‘F4’ from this section.
  • Time Settings
  • Parameter Description
    Maximum Step Duration The maximum time to the end of completion to find the image. If the image cannot found on the screen or the selected region, this step will not verified. (Compulsory)
    Wait Duration After Operation The wait time to pass next step to find the image. If waiting after this step is needed or desired, you will choose the wait option and enter the time milliseconds type.(Compulsory)
  • Scenario Flow
  • Parameter Description
    Step Flow Indicates the step flow type. (Compulsory)

    Ordered The flow type to continue sequentially.
    Conditional The flow type to continue conditionally.

    • On Success
    • This step turns to another step on success. You can choose End to terminate the scenario step.

    • On Fail
    • This step turns to another step on fail. You can choose End to terminate the scenario step.