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    Math: Floor

    It is the expression step under Math Option, which is among the Expression Steps.
    Expression Step -> Action -> Expression Group -> Math
    Expression -> Floor

    In the scenario, if you want to round a double type data to the nearest lower value, use this expression step.

  • General Information
  • Parameter Description
    Name The name of application execution step. (Compulsory)
    Description The description of application execution step. (Not Compulsory)
  • Region
  • Parameter Description
    Related Flow Image The using image during this step. (Compulsory)
  • Action
  • Parameter Description
    Expression Type There are two options, Structural and Free.
    Structural : It uses the prepared expression script.
    Free : Allows you to customize the existing expression script
    Expression Group : Math This is the part where you can apply all the expression steps related to Math.
    Expression Floor
  • Expression Parameters
  • Parameter Description
    Number Parameter The numeric value parameter for the data to be rounded to the nearest lower value.
    Data Source : Get the value from the Data Source.
    Constant : Get the value statically from the user.
    Scenario Parameter : It gets the value from the parameter coming from the scenario during the scenario operation.
    Data Source Data source parameter to hold the expression step data in the process.
    Data Field The parameter that specifies which field in the Data source the data of the expression step in the process should be saved.
  • Time Settings
  • Parameter Description
    Maximum Step Completion Time The time to the end of completion for step if Run to The End of Completion of Application style is chosen. (Compulsory)
    Wait Time After Execution Request The wait time to pass next step. (Compulsory)
  • Scenario Flow
  • Parameter Description
    Step Flow Indicates the step flow type. (Compulsory)

    Ordered The flow type to continue sequentially.
    Conditional The flow type to continue conditionally.

    • On Success
    • This step turns to another step on success. You can choose End to terminate the scenario step.

    • On Fail
    • This step turns to another step on fail. You can choose End to terminate the scenario step.