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Three Power Components of Voodoo RPA

VooDoo Intelligent Robotic Process Automation is enterprise-grade
and zero-code application optimized and designed for business user.
Besides, It has advanced capabilities for developers and administrators.


Digitize your business process by using zero-code application

Studio is easy to use enterprise-grade application for business users. They can program the robots by record & screenplay capability and intuitive scenario design interface. For complex jobs, technical users or bot developers can power scenarios using preferred development languages (C#, VB.Net, JS.Net, C++). Voodoo utilizes Microsoft CodeDOM technology to generate and build dynamic code.


Focus on business and let the virtual workers do your repetitive tasks

Robots are your digital workers. Employees can engage in valuable jobs and problem solving while robots handle unmotivated mass of tasks. These perform tasks as like humans do using AI powered skills. Robots can be deployed on workstation stand-alone or you can create and manage robot farm using Voodoo Unified Console.

Unified Console

Schedule, manage, monitor and audit robot farm centrally

Unified console delivers powerful outcomes at unlimited scale. Additional robots can be deployed quickly and added to console. Using console get comprehensive audit logs of robots and integrated modules used by robots. Besides, you can reach robots’ screen images captured while performing business process.

Run In Attended or UnAttended Mode

Attended Mode

Voodoo RPA works together with crew on business activities for speeding up repetitive tasks. Employee collaborate with Voodoo working on same, other or distributed workstations. Tasks can be triggered by Employee.

UnAttended Mode

Voodoo RPA operates on organization’s physical or virtual servers without employee touching. Robots can be scheduled to self-start or provisioned from Voodoo Unified Console (UC). Also, they can be triggered by other business applications or when conditions satisfied.

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Empower Enterprise's Technology-Driven Business Models

VooDoo Intelligent Robotic Process Automation is enterprise-grade and zero-code application optimized and designed for business user. Besides, It has advanced capabilities for developers and administrators.

How Does Voodoo Work?

Voodoo automates anything you see on the screen of computer. Run web and desktop application with confidence. Easily design end-to-end visual and functional business work flow in a minute.

Record and Screenplays

Start Voodoo screen recorder and perform your daily business procedures. After finish it, screenshot records will be ready immediately and chronologically. Then, design your work scenario’s steps by selecting  screen frame and adding related actions for example open browser, start application, fill input box, check box, click button, send special keyboard input, compare UI region, OCR-and-evaluate text and other lots of action that what human being do.

Create Work Plans and Schedule

Create work plans and bind your scenarios. And let robot know when to run work plans and who to send feedback. Real time have notice of work result summaries over e-mail, for example, which scenario worked, whether steps fail or pass. And, get analytic reports and track your work plans in detail over console.

What Are The Benefits?


Do somethings as fast possible as computer let. Thus, save your time.


Preserve team’s workforce. Thus, decrease operational costs.


Conduct repeated tests with same self sacrifice. Thus, increase quality.

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