Connection Open/Close

by Voodoo Editor
2 years ago

Table of Contents

    Database: Connection Open/Close

    Data Access Component Usage Video

    If you want to perform manipulation of various databases (Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) via VooDoo Studio, you can use the Database steps.
    One of these steps is Connection Step will enable you to open and close connections to your databases via VooDoo Studio.

    You can follow the image below to reach the database steps.


  • General Information
  • Parameter Description
    Name The name of application execution step. (Compulsory)
    Description The description of application execution step. (Not Compulsory)
  • Region
  • Parameter Description
    Related Flow Image The using image during this step. (Compulsory)
  • Interface Control Manager Parameters
  • Parameter Description
    Open Connection: Database Definition The Database Description parameter of the database type found in the “Open Connection” section.
    Close Connection: Open Connection Step In the “Close Connection” section, if the database connection is open, it is the Database Opening Step parameter of the step that performs the closing of this connection and opens this connection.
  • Time Settings
  • Parameter Description
    Maximum Step Completion Time The time to the end of completion for step if Run to The End of Completion of Application style is chosen. (Compulsory)
    Wait Time After Execution Request The wait time to pass next step. (Compulsory)
  • Scenario Flow
  • Parameter Description
    Step Flow Indicates the step flow type. (Compulsory)

    Ordered The flow type to continue sequentially.
    Conditional The flow type to continue conditionally.

    • On Success
    • This step continues to another step on success. You can also choose End to terminate the scenario step.

    • On Fail
    • This step continues to another step on fail. You can also choose End to terminate the scenario step.