What is RPA?

RPA is the abbreviation for Robotic Process Automation. That computer software named “robot” mimic human actions to execute business processes.

What is differences between RPA and IRPA?

IRPA is the Intelligent RPA. Word “intelligent” at the beginning of RPA gets with some AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities. Of course RPA by self is an AI products because of using machine learning and computer visions technics to process screen captures but not enough for this title. Intelligent come with some other additional features, for example robots with signature detection, document categorization or license plate recognition etc. By the way, we are not talking about more or less intelligent robots. That is the feature discussion 🙂

Why do we use Robotic Process Automation?

If there are repetitive tasks in daily business processes on digital platforms and you want to preserve valuable work force, RPA may be applied to optimize time and cost also increase quality in business.

What is the gain ratio with VooDoo RPA?

Employee gain ratio is %60-80 in some sectors. This ratio may vary according to sector size, business process, and implementation of robots.

Where can RPA be positioned?

  1. Retail Sector
    1. E-commerce
    2. Logistics
  2. Banking Sector
    1. Credit debit control
    2. Account closures
    3. Audit reports
  3. Insurance Sector
    1. Traffic Insurance
    2. Home Insurance
    3. Life Insurance
  4. Councils and Local Authorities
    1. Housing
    2. Healthcare needs
    3. Education
  5. Human Resources
    1. Recruitment
    2. Vetting workers
    3. Processing employee absences
    4. Claims for expenses
  6. Private sector integrated government
    1. Highways
    2. Railways