Connection Definition

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Database: Connection Definition

Data Access Component Usage Video

While on the Scenarios screen, Click the DatabaseIcon button.
After clicking, you can perform your connection settings on the screen below.


  • Data Access Component Parameters
  • “Component Module” parameter created for the related database connected to

    Parameter Description
    Name This is the Name parameter that you can give to your profile for connection settings.
    Database Type It is the Database type parameter that you can specify on which database you will operate.
    Note: Depending on the “Database Type” you select from this field, it automatically selects the Data Access Component module to be added to the “.Net Framework”.
    Data Access Component .Net Framework.
    Connection String Template To be able to connect to the database, it is the “Connection String Key Template” parameter of the Database.


  • Data Access Component Connection String Parameters
  • Parameter Description
    Server The Server parameter you want to connect to.
    Database The Database Name parameter opened on the related database application.
    UId The Database User Name parameter required to perform the Database Connection Operation.
    Pwd The Password parameter required to perform the Database Connection Operation.

    After making the settings in this Section

    You can continue with these steps.