RPA - Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation

Save Your Time - 80%
Enhance Quality of Work - 75%
Reduce Operation Cost - 90%

Voodoo Intelligent Robotic Process Automation is enterprise-grade and zero-code application optimized and designed for business users. Besides, It has advanced capabilities for developers and administrators. Intelligent Robotics Process Automation (RPA) allows enterprises to automate high-volume, repeatable tasks just like a human being was doing across systems and applications. The main goal of robotic process automation process to replace repetitive and tedious clerical task performed by humans, with a virtual workforce. Voodoo RPA provides rapid automation of hand-operated, repeated and normative processes and can be used for different business lines as millions different scenarios.

Run In Attended or UnAttended Mode

Attended Mode

Voodoo RPA works together with crew on business activities for speeding up repetitive tasks. Employee collaborate with Voodoo working on same, other or distributed workstations. Tasks can be triggered by Employee.

UnAttended Mode

Voodoo RPA operates on organization’s physical or virtual servers without employee touching. Robots can be scheduled to self-start or provisioned from Voodoo Unified Console (UC). Also, they can be triggered by other business applications or when conditions satisfied.

Three Power Components of Voodoo RPA

Voodoo Intelligent RPA is rapidly and securely scalable automation platform that empower enterprise’s Technology-Driven Business Models. Three key components compose Voodoo RPA; these are Studio, Robot and Unified Console.

Voodoo Studio


Digitize your business process by using zero-code application

Studio is easy to use enterprise-grade application for business users. They can program the robots by record & screenplay capability and intuitive scenario design interface. For complex jobs, technical users or bot developers can power scenarios using preferred development languages (C#, VB.Net, JS.Net, C++). Voodoo utilizes Microsoft CodeDOM technology to generate and build dynamic code.

Voodoo Robot


Focus on business and let the virtual workers do your repetitive tasks

Robots are your digital workers. Employees can engage in valuable jobs and problem solving while robots handle unmotivated mass of tasks. These perform tasks as like humans do using AI powered skills. Robots can be deployed on workstation stand-alone or you can create and manage robot farm using Voodoo Unified Console.

Voodoo Unified Console

Unified Console

Schedule, manage, monitor and audit robot farm centrally

Unified console delivers powerful outcomes at unlimited scale. Additional robots can be deployed quickly and added to console. Using console get comprehensive audit logs of robots and integrated modules used by robots. Besides, you can reach robots’ screen images captured while performing business process.

Intelligent RPA

Robotic process automation plays a significant role in the digital transformation strategy of enterprises. In this journey, companies face with some obstacles, and robots need AI skills to solve these. Voodoo Intelligent RPA utilizes several forms of artificial intelligence such as computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing. Thus, these bring in cognitive capabilities, provide way of processing unstructured data, and enable making real-time predictive decisions.

We call Voodoo as Intelligent RPA. That is the journey towards to robotic process automation leveraging artificial intelligence in its fullest way.

Key Features of Voodoo Robotic Process Automation

Voodoo Intelligent RPA is a plug-and-play and non-invasive technology. Voodoo Robots are developed in view of business-driven technology requiring a high degree collaboration of business and IT.


Low Risk

Operate on existing systems and use computers like human



Quickly ramp up and down according to demand



Credentials and sensitive data are encrypted, and provide comprehensive audit support



Run at 7×24 service level, eliminate output variations and provide right result



Let employees focus on value-added tasks


Return on Investment

Shorten duration by low cost and automation efficiency

Additional Enhancements

  • Use embedded Voodoo OCR or integrate with other OCR tools: Tesseract, MODI, TOCR and LeadTools
  • Use built in Voodoo technologies: Signature detection and verification, document classification, plate recognition, sentiment analysis, intention analysis, document layout analysis and data extraction
  • Unicode support for international languages
  • Web and mobile base unified console
  • Rest API support