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Table of Contents

Data Grid

Use this step to click a region or wait on this region on the screen. To use data grid step, related image region is selected firstly.Uses it to separate data in a table. It is possible to switch between “previous or next” pages.

  • General Information
  • Parameter Description
    Name The name of data grid step. (Compulsory)
    Description The description of data grid step. (Not Compulsory)
  • Region
  • Parameter Description
    Related Flow Image The using image during this step. (Compulsory)
    Region Of Interest Select the region. (Compulsory)
    Region of Interest Search Options Set the image search level as Normal, Sensitive, Very Sensitive and select the image to search option. (Compulsory)
    Image Search Level Choose the sensitivity level of selected pattern if you want to search as image.
    Image To Search Search the pattern as Selected Image or Image From File System (eg. A file path can be given to click ‘…’ button. Can be given as ‘Constant’ or ‘Data’)
    Region Of Interest Validation Options Select the text validation option as Yes or No. (Compulsory)
  • Data Grid Properties
  • Parameter Description
    Header Region Field to select a title from the data list.(Compulsory)
    Line Exists Beetween Rows If there are lines between the lines in the data list, it should be marked.
    Line Exists Beetween Columns If there is a line between columns in the data list, it should be marked.
    Footer Region Exists If there is a footer section in the data list, it should be marked.
    Page Navigation Feature Exists If the data consists of more than one page, the navigation feature should be selected.
    Previous Page Goes to the previous page in the data list
    Next Page Goes to the next page in the data list
  • Action
  • Parameter Description
    Region Selection Method The region is selected from the screen.
    From selected region Data is imported with the selected screen.
    From neighborhood of selected region Data is imported next to the selected screen.
    Data Grid Action Can be selected from drop down list as Export to Data Source, Select Row
    Data Source Can select data source
    Column To Select Select the same as the name of the column in the data source
    Column To Search The word to be searched must be written the same as the data set.
    Value To Search The value to be searched can be selected as fixed text or by clicking the ‘…’ button.
    GUI Language The data list is the language selection field.(English,Turkish)
  • Time Settings
  • Parameter Description
    Maximum Step Duration The maximum time to the end of completion to find the image. If the image cannot found on the screen or the selected region, this step will not verified. (Compulsory)
    Wait Duration After Operation The wait time to pass next step to find the image. (Compulsory)
  • Scenario Flow
  • Parameter Description
    Step Flow Indicates the step flow type. (Compulsory)

    Ordered The flow type to continue sequentially.
    Conditional The flow type to continue conditionally.

    • Step to Run On Success
    • This step turns to another step on success. You can choose End to terminate the scenario step.

    • Step to Run On Fail
    • This step turns to another step on fail. You can choose End to terminate the scenario step.