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3 years ago

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Voodoo RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Platform is an enterprise robotic process automation platform for designing and implementing the end-to-end business processes on your technology premises. The one important power of Voodoo is deep learning-based screen scraping that makes Voodoo RPA technology independent. In other words, to implement RPA you don’t need to install extra tools for your legacy technology that your business based upon i.e SAP or Excel extension. Of course, As an RPA technology provider, we are trying to provide the best of two worlds for technical and non-technical RPA developers. For example, you can use I.A. based object interaction method or Chrome Voodoo RPA extension to select dropdown DOM objects on web site. Also, developers write jQuery scripts to achieve complicated tasks on web UI or backend.

Besides, Voodoo RPA provides a development environment for coders. In this environment, developers write codes directly(i.e C#,, etc.) using the OOP software development paradigm to perform backend works for example in house developed non-standard software integration, database or web service integration, third party library utilization, etc. And, Codes can be versioned and directly compiled-integrated with your business process.

Installation Guide

Step-by-step guides to setting up your system and installing the Voodoo Robotic Process Automation.


Cross-Browser Scripting (CBS)

Learn more about Voodoo RPA’s another powerful component. CBS led RPA Developers do browser based tasks easy and confidently.

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Download Chrome Extension

Download and install chrome extension to your RPA station to alternatively handle browser-based tasks.

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Download Firefox Extension

Download and install firefox extension to your RPA station to alternatively handle browser-based tasks.

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