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  • A
  • Word Description
    Attended Mode Working with the team on business activities to speed up repetitive tasks
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) They are systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can iteratively improve themselves according to the information they collect.
    Application Programming Interface (APIs) An interface that allows an application’s functions to be accessed externally or remotely and used.

  • B
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    Business Process Management It is a discipline that uses various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve and optimize business processes

  • C
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    Cognitive abilities Cognitive RPA is a term for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools and solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Text Analytics, and Machine Learning to improve the experience of your workforce and customers.
    C# C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft.

  • D
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    Deep Learning It is a workspace that encompasses artificial neural networks and similar machine learning algorithms that contain one or more hidden layers.
    Database Areas where structured information or data is stored.

  • E
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    Enterprise RPA It is a kind of enterprise software including the largest category of business processes that afford automation.

  • F
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    Full-time Equivalent (FTE) It is a method used to measure the enrollment/labor costs of a participant in an institution or a project.

  • G
  • Word Description
    Graphical User Interface (GUI) A computer program that enables a person to communicate with a computer through the use of symbols, visual metaphors, and pointing devices.

  • H
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    High Availability It is a component of a technology system that eliminates single points of failure to ensure continuous operations or uptime for an extended period.

  • I
  • Word Description
    Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) It is automation that has solutions with smart attributes. IPA examples are chatbots, computer vision, machine learning.

  • M
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    Machine Learning It is a branch of science that focuses on the design and development processes of algorithms that enable the learning of computers based on data types such as sensor data or databases.

  • N
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    Natural Language Processing (NLP) It is the automatic processing of natural language such as speech and text by software.

  • O
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    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) It is a technology that allows document types such as scanned paper documents and PDF files to be converted into editable and searchable data.

  • P
  • Word Description
    Proof of concept (POC) It is to demonstrate functionality and to validate a specific concept or theory that can be achieved in development.
    Process Design Document (PDD) As part of business processes, it describes the current state, the sequence of steps, the terms of use of the pre-use work division.
  • R
  • Word Description
    Rest API It is an architecture used for representative state transfer in Web applications.
    Rest Service It is an architecture that allows client-server communication to be easy and easy in the HTTP protocol Dec.
    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) It is a business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots or artificial intelligence / digital workers.
  • S
  • Word Description
    Screen Scraping Screen scraping is the act of copying information that shows on a digital display so it can be used for another purpose. Visual data can be collected as raw text from on-screen elements such as a text or images that appear on the desktop, in an application or on a website.
    Sentiment Analysis It is a general definition given to the processes of calculating and defining and classifying opinions/expressions specified by a piece of text using various algorithms in order to evaluate a subject as positive,negative,neutral.
  • U
  • Word Description
    Unified Console (UC) Is an application that empowers organizations to manage, monitor, and audit robot farm from a single point.
    Unicode An industry standard that assigns each character a number value.
    UnAttended Mode Operates on organization is physical or virtual servers without employee touching.
  • V
  • Word Description
    Virtual Environment It is a networked application that allows a user to interact with both the computing environment and the work of other users.
  • W
  • Word Description
    Web Servis It is a structure that allows the capabilities that an application/service has to be used from outside.