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How to Update Voodoo RPA

Folder Structure

1. C:\Program Files → OneZero

The section where robots and services are installed. Also, the configuration files are in the same section. In case of update, the .config files can be backed up and Voodoo can be removed from the add and remove programs section and reinstalled.

2. C:\ → Voodoo

End user data (Compiled codes, additional reference files, log, database, scenario components, etc.). This section still remains even if Voodoo is removed. In order to completely delete this section from your computer and uninstall the database service, right click on the “ClientDataUninstall.bat” file and click “Run as Admin”.


Firstly, following .config files should be backed up.

C:\Program Files → The following files should be backed up under the C: \ Program Files → OneZero folder. These files will be copied and changed to the same file paths if VooDoo Studio is reinstalled.

Under C:\Program Files\OneZero\VooDoo root:

  • NotificationService → VooDooNotificationService.exe.config
  • Robot → VooDooRobot.exe.config
  • Service → VoodooService.config
  • Studio → VooDooStudio.exe.config
Uninstall The Program

1. Go to ‘Add or Remove Program’ and search for Voodoo.

2. Click on Voodoo and select ‘Uninstall’ then follow the instructions.

Install the Program

Go to Fresh Installation; but be careful about below note!

Note: During the Database Setup Window, select ‘Do not Install the database’ option.