VooDoo RPA Training – Coronavirus Cases from WHO Website

by Gül Yüksel
2 years ago

English subtitles are embedded in the video


Hello everyone! Today, I will show you how to get data from a website with OCR (Optical Character recognition) method through a project I made.
You are currently viewing the World Health Organization’s coronavirus dashboard. Here, we will take the worldwide number of coronavirus cases and transfer them to an Excel file, and we will do this with the OCR method. What we call OCR is a method of extracting data from the screen. We should not forget that we cannot receive data on the screen that the human eye cannot see with the OCR method. In this section, we will first take our data in this column, and then we will get our data in this column. First we use our “run” step to open our website, and then we use the “screen verification” step to check if our site loads. Since the data we will receive when our website is opened, we need to use the “down page” command, since the data we will receive is a little further down the page, and now we can start getting our data. When we come to the region tab, we put the region we want to extract the data from in a box like this, and then when we come to the action tab, the region selection method is the data extraction method from the selected region, the region analysis is “extract data from the region”, the data to be extracted is “text”, and the text extraction is the storage location. We choose “data”.
Here we will save the data we get from the website in a data source and then print it to an Excel file, so we need to create a data source. We come to the data source in this section and click on the “manage” step. If we look at the data source I created, we enter it here and its structure. First of all, I chose a name for ourselves, and I chose “manual” as the source, here we see the name and type of the data structure we will add. We can see the data source we added below after clicking “add” by entering text as text and integer as integer. After creating our data source, we can go back to our step, where we need to select our data source and select the corresponding data in the data source we created here. Afterwards, we have completed our step by pressing the “save” button. The steps you see here are a repeat of the step I just showed you. Then, we use a code step to write the data we wrote to the data source to the Excel file. I come to the action section and open the editor. In this part, we add our libraries that we will use in this code step. Now, let’s assign the values ​​we wrote to the data source to a string, we create a string for each data we write to the data source. Now we create an Excel via this file, and then we enter our first worksheet and make the necessary assignments to the rows and columns in this section. Then we save our excel file. After creating the excel file, we can email this excel file. We can do this with the send step on the e-mail tab here. In the “to” part, we must add the recipient’s e-mail address, the subject, the content and our file, then we must complete this man by saying “save”. Now we can run our robot, we can see the excel file we created here. In this section, you can see the data we received from the website.
Thank you for listening and watching.