Using Robotic Process Automation in Digital Marketing

by Gül Yüksel
2 years ago

In many of our blog posts, we repeatedly state that digitalization can save time and money in some departments such as logistics and accounting. But, the digital marketing department already knows the importance of digitalization and they are usually at forefront of the digitalization in a company. Since they already perform the processes digitally, the steps of many processes are also automated. Well, let’s see together what Voodoo RPA can offer so that you can add extra speed and a different perspective to these processes.

Sentiment Analysis with Machine Learning

Sentiment analysis is one of the services offered by many social media management and analysis companies. However, we can see that these analyses do not give accurate results with non-English languages most of the time. With Voodoo RPA, you can analyze the comments made about your company on social media or the comments made on your products on the e-commerce site in seconds with the machine learning method and see how your customers feel about your company and products. We have a webinar about it, check it here

Competitor Tracking and Analysis

Many of your competitors have hundreds of products on dozens of e-commerce sites. Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically follow the sales they make, the stars they get, and the comments? Imagine that all of them are regularly analyzed and presented to you as a report. This job is perfect for robots. You can reposition your product and pricing strategy according to the situation of your competitors and see the big picture more clearly.

Bidding For Google Ads

You want to get ahead of your competitor but you want to limit the cost. And what people click on changes all the time. Anything can impact purchasing habits of your target audience, even weather.  You may need to adjust your bidding settings according to historical data of your target audience, current economic status of your country. Maybe there is a trend that overhelms the internet so it is futile to go bidding war againist that, so its time to stay low for a while…

Auditing for Technical SEO

It is the least creative part. So boring… Broken links, heavy images that slows down the site… Those kind of things can damage your months of work if it goes unnoticed. How often do you audit your site? Monthly? Why don’t you just leave thşs job to an intelligent robot so you can have time to do some creative marketing stuff?

Big Data Management:

According to IBM data, as of January 2021, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced daily in the world. The rate at which this data is produced is accelerating every year. The biggest companies in the world take this very seriously. There’s no point in keeping the data where it’s stored. All of them need to be collected, analyzed, and used with the right strategy. For this purpose, the use of RPA in big data has increased around the world. You can collect, analyze and use the marketing data about your clients as well.