RPA Explained: Attended, Unattended, and Hybrid

by Burak Koçak
8 months ago

In the world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), three important words come up frequently: Attended, Unattended, and Hybrid. These categories describe how RPA solutions are used to make business processes smoother. In this article, we will explain each of these RPA modes, giving you a clear understanding of what makes them different and how they are used, so you can better understand this powerful technology.

Attended RPA

Attended RPA is a subset of RPA in which automation is designed to work collaboratively with human users. This form of RPA operates alongside employees, assisting them in executing tasks more efficiently. Unlike fully autonomous solutions, attended RPA relies on human intervention for decision-making and certain process steps. It excels in scenarios where human judgment and discretion are indispensable, enhancing productivity while ensuring the quality of work.

By seamlessly integrating into an employee’s desktop environment, Attended RPA enhances the user experience and streamlines operations. It is an excellent choice for scenarios where human-machine collaboration is crucial, ensuring a harmonious balance between automation and human decision-making.

Unattended RPA

Unattended RPA, on the other hand, takes automation a step further by operating independently without constant human intervention. In this mode, bots are scheduled to perform tasks at predetermined times, often during non-working hours, to complete high-volume, repetitive tasks efficiently. Unattended RPA is ideal for back-office processes, like data extraction, report generation, or system maintenance, where human interaction is minimal and routine.

This form of automation significantly reduces operational costs, enhances accuracy, and accelerates task execution. By automating routine tasks, organizations can free up human resources for more strategic and value-added activities. Unattended RPA can be thought of as a virtual workforce working diligently behind the scenes to optimize business processes.

Hybrid RPA

Hybrid RPA represents a combination of both Attended and Unattended RPA, offering the flexibility to automate processes that involve a mix of human interaction and independent execution. It’s the perfect solution for scenarios where some tasks require human judgment or oversight, while others can be automated without supervision. Hybrid RPA ensures seamless integration of bots into both front-end and back-end processes, providing organizations with a versatile approach to automation.

With Hybrid RPA, businesses can harness the strengths of both attended and unattended automation, achieving a well-rounded automation strategy that adapts to their specific needs. This approach empowers organizations to optimize a wide range of processes across different departments, driving efficiency and agility.

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