Missing Invoice Process

by Gül Yüksel
1 year ago

About Client

E-Commerce website with over 12 million users.

Offering a wide range of products, payment processing, logistics, and advertising services, known for its excellent customer service and innovative approach to e-commerce.





Business Need

to maintain their customer service standards by providing a prompt solution to customers who have not received their invoices.

Business Challange

The business challenge faced by the E-commerce company was the manual processing of customer complaints about missing invoices, leading to delayed responses and dissatisfied customers. The company relied on a manual process to download and filter a list of complaints and then used Excel sheets to track and manage customer complaints. The company had to ensure that all complaints are addressed within seven days and that the gift vouchers are issued promptly. However, this manual process led to delays, errors, and inefficiencies.

VooDoo RPA Solution

A Streamlined Process

  • An Excel file containing a notification list is downloaded from the system based on customer notifications of missing invoices.
  • The downloaded Excel file is filtered for notifications that are over 5 days old and transferred to Google Docs.
  • For notifications that have not received a response within 7 days, the system enters the invoice numbers into an Excel file and the robot searches for and locates the outstanding invoices, issuing a gift certificate to the customer for the invoice amount based on a specified formula.
  • The issued gift certificates are recorded in an Excel file in the designated directory.

Business Impact

VooDoo RPA’s solution helped the E-commerce company in Turkey streamline its invoice process, resulting in improved customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and reduced costs. The automated solution enabled the company to issue gift vouchers promptly and address customer complaints within the stipulated time frame, resulting in a significant improvement in the company’s business operations.


Costumer Satisfaction improved


Increased efficiency


Reduced Costs

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