Highway Tolls, Violation Passage Notifications

by Gül Yüksel
1 year ago

About Client

Otoyol A.Ş. is a Turkish infrastructure company that specializes in the construction, operation, and maintenance of toll roads and highways.

The company was established in 2009 and is responsible for some of Turkey’s most significant road projects, including the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway and the Northern Marmara Motorway.

Otoyol A.Ş. aims to improve the country’s transportation infrastructure and promote economic growth by providing safe and efficient road networks.





Business Need

Before VooDoo RPA, their system notified employees after failing to complete the toll entry process. After that, human workers manually identified the license plates and figured out why the toll system failed and proceeded with their procedure. But with the amount of data they were receiving it got to a point that hiring more people to process the amount of data they have will not be feasible or even possible. 

Business Challange

Identifying license plate numbers from the CCTV footage was the task the other automation tools failed at, VooDoo RPA was able to overcome this issue with its OCR-based tool.

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VooDoo RPA Solution

Optical Character Recognition from CCTV footage

VooDoo RPA, watches every failed toll entry and reads license plate numbers from CCTV footage.

Determine the reason of the failure and proceed with procedure

There are 15 different possible reasons for a vehicle to fail a toll pass. VooDoo RPA, identifies the reason and follows the procedures that were prepared. These scenarios includes bank check for late provision, no entry station control, fare control, repeated access control, etc.


These tens of thousands of daily transactions are also reported at the end of the day on the basis of stations and highway tolls, and business processes are carried out by daily monitoring through the Unified Console.

Business Impact


VooDoo Robots made 300K transactions per month.


They significantly reduced human error, as some typos end up fining the wrong car and the car owner goes to court over that.


There are only 5 human operators instead of 30. And they are for the rare cases with heavy rain or mud on a plate that makes the plate unreadable by robots.


Operators were able to focus on other more important tasks and their motivation was improved.

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