How does Voodoo IRPA Use Excel?

by onezero
5 years ago

Excel is useful for data storage, editing and processing of data but its integration with other applications is difficult and time-consuming.

The fact that work environment is multi-application requires continuous transfer of data. Using Voodoo eliminates problems such as information confusion and loss during data migration. You are no need to write code to automate tasks in Excel.

Voodoo automates everything by synchronizing, thus increasing accuracy and speed.

What can be done in Excel with Voodoo RPA?

Using the Voodoo robot, you can read, verify, extract, transfer, compare, sort and delete data from Excel.

For example, you can send e-mail by entering the subject and content information to the e-mail addresses by taking the information from the excel file. It can work as human even the column contents are different.