Customer Experience Analysis with Robotic Process Automation

by onezero
5 years ago

With Voodoo, companies can continually analyze their customers’ business practices or sites with core business e-commerce, banks etc.. In the light of these analyzes, they can follow the process at the operational level and make decisions at the strategic level.

Customer experience monitoring with Voodoo is realized in 3 different perspectives.

Time Analysis

VooDoo Robot will notify the authorities if the specified time is exceeded by performing the operations defined on the site for 24 hours, determining the maximum waiting time during the day by using VooDoo Studio feature. As an example, you can know about rivals time management and if there is a change in their sites, Voodoo robot will provide this and you can manage your sites time flow.

Content Analysis

VooDoo Robot controls the display of site content as expected with integrity analysis as a first analysis method. Below pictures shows the this method;

Picture 1. 10000 ms analysis of page integrity (6 point of interest and 500 ms frequency)
voodoo robotic process automation integrity analysis

Picture 2. Point of interests be determined on target page.
voodoo integrity analysis

Second analysis method is connected component analysis which uniquely labels subsets of linked components based on a specific heuristic. For example, 4 components are desired to experienced in the selected area. Unless this is verified or 3 components are experienced, Voodoo Robot will notify the authorities. Below picture shows the this method;

Picture 3. Visualization of desired connected components in defined location for analysis.

voodoo rpa connected component analysis

Presentation Analysis

VooDoo Robot controls the easy presentation of content with VooDoo Studio slider feature. As an example, your site includes carousel (slider) and time management about the loop is desired, this will be helpful for your company. Customers want to see the slider without a problem.

The technical analysis does not reflect the end-user experience. VooDoo provides image tracking opportunity with screenshots using artificial  intelligence algorithms. It is able to analyze the loading rate of the selected regions according to frequencies, change tracking and completion process.