9 Real-Life Use Cases of VooDoo RPA in Retail and E-commerce

by Burak Koçak
1 year ago

In the dynamic landscape of today’s business world, embracing technological advancements is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. At VooDoo RPA, we specialize in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that have the power to revolutionize your back-office operations, regardless of your industry or department.

Our mission is to help businesses unlock unparalleled efficiency, productivity gains, and cost savings through the implementation of RPA robots. Join us as we delve into real-life use cases and explore how VooDoo RPA can inspire and transform your operations, driving success and enhancing customer satisfaction specifically in the retail and e-commerce landscape.

Use Case 1: Financial & Accounting Departments - Missing Invoice Process

Are you encountering challenges related to unreported invoices that result in the need to distribute gift vouchers? VooDoo RPA offers a comprehensive solution to automate the entire process of notifying missing invoices and generating gift vouchers.

Allow us to walk you through the process:

  1. Customers report missing invoices, triggering an automated system to initiate the download of an Excel notification list.
  2. The system efficiently filters out notifications older than 5 days and seamlessly transfers them to a Google Docs spreadsheet.
  3. In the case of unattended notifications within 7 days, our robot diligently searches and identifies the corresponding invoice numbers within the Excel file.
  4. Utilizing a predefined formula, the robot accurately calculates the voucher amount and promptly issues gift vouchers to the respective customers.
  5. To ensure meticulous record-keeping, all issued gift vouchers are meticulously logged in an Excel file.

By implementing VooDoo RPA, you can streamline and optimize the missing invoice notification and gift voucher generation process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy within your operations.

Use Case 2: Distribution & Operations Departments - Tracking Shipment Process

Ensuring precise product delivery through multiple courier services can be a laborious endeavor. VooDoo RPA offers a streamlined approach to tracking shipments with the following optimized steps:

  1. Our robot receives an Excel file containing comprehensive information, including product volume, distance, and invoice details for transportation across seven different courier companies.
  2. Leveraging the provided data, our robot employs a designated formula to accurately calculate pricing details.
  3. When processing warehouse and warehouse return files, the robot utilizes specific formulas to determine pricing and effectively identifies any discrepancies in invoice amounts.
  4. The robot performs a cross-reference of delivery numbers against the database, ensuring the utmost precision in information verification.
  5. As a result, a comprehensive Excel report is generated, categorizing shipments as created, canceled, delivered, returned, deleted, failed attempts, out for delivery, and POI accepted. This detailed report is then stored in the designated reporting directory.

Use Case 3: Sales & Operations Departments - Catalog Task Creation

Managing the product catalogs uploaded by retailers on an e-commerce website can be also a daunting task.

  1. Our system performs a thorough verification of product listings to ensure the presence of appropriate images, satisfactory image quality, comprehensive product information, and uniqueness.
  2. Any non-compliant products are promptly flagged and labeled using a robust set of approximately 100 predefined tags. These tags include designations such as “no image,” “no barcode,” and “missing information.”
  3. The tagged products are intelligently grouped based on similarities and brand affiliations. Detailed task descriptions are then generated for the catalog representatives, providing them with clear guidance on the required actions.
  4. Once the representatives input the necessary information, our robot reassesses the tags, making any necessary adjustments based on the updated data.
  5. To facilitate effective communication and management, our system provides detailed notifications and guidance to the company regarding unpublished products, ensuring prompt attention and resolution.

Use Case 4: Sales & Operations Departments - Promotional Campaign Tracking

VooDoo RPA simplifies and streamlines this process through the following optimized steps:

  1. System administrators provide the designated campaigns for sellers to our robots in the form of an Excel file.
  2. Our robots seamlessly connect to the relevant system and initiate a search for products based on their unique SKU numbers.
  3. With precision and accuracy, the robot approves the activation of campaigns by entering the start and end times for each product’s campaign within the respective program.

This enables streamlined campaign activations during promotional periods, leading to improved sales performance and operational success.

Use Case 5: Procurement Department - SAP SAS (Purchase Order) Extension Process

Efficient management of expiring SAS numbers in the SAP system is crucial for seamless procurement operations.

  1. The procurement department dispatches an Excel spreadsheet to the automated system, encompassing purchase order numbers, pertinent dates, and desired extension durations.
  2. The robotic assistant executes its operations on a daily basis at precisely 24:00, sifting through the Excel file to identify purchase order numbers with expired deadlines.
  3. The robotic assistant grants approval for extending SAS deadlines that are imminent.

Use Case 6: Customer Relations & PR - Comment Approval/Rejection Process

Ensuring the appropriateness of user comments plays a pivotal role in cultivating strong customer relations and nurturing a positive public image. VooDoo RPA streamlines this process through the following steps:

  1. Equipped with an Excel file, the robotic system receives categorized word groups encompassing both prohibited and positive terms.
  2. Leveraging advanced algorithms, the robotic assistants meticulously analyze the comment content. By assigning appropriate weightage to prohibited and positive words, they intelligently evaluate the suitability of the comments.
  3. Comments that meet the predefined criteria for appropriateness are swiftly approved and seamlessly published, fostering a culture of positive engagement. Conversely, comments that fall short of the established standards are promptly eliminated from the publication queue, safeguarding the brand’s reputation and maintaining a conducive online environment.

Use Case 7: Sales & Operations Departments - Warehouse Order Process

Streamlining the distribution of products to designated locations within a textile company’s warehouses is of utmost importance.

  1. The robotic assistants are equipped with Excel files containing comprehensive product or store information.
  2. Leveraging predefined formulas and rules, the robots meticulously generate a new Excel output that encapsulates crucial distribution details.
  3. The robots seamlessly import this output into the Promaks application, triggering automated notifications to warehouses and stores. These notifications provide precise information regarding the quantities of products to be distributed.
  4. Upon completion of the distribution process, process managers are promptly notified via email, receiving comprehensive reports detailing the executed tasks.

This end-to-end automation ensures the efficient management and seamless execution of warehouse orders, fostering operational excellence within the Sales and Operations departments.

Use Case 8: IT Department - Blacklist (Phone Deletion) Process

Streamlining the process of removing customer-requested phone numbers from the system is made effortless with VooDoo RPA. Here’s how the automation works:

  1. Customers requesting the deletion of their phone numbers provide essential details, including their name, surname, and phone numbers, in an Excel file.
  2. The robotic assistants diligently process the provided information, adhering to predefined rules, and generate a new Excel file with the necessary modifications.
  3. The generated file is seamlessly imported into the Promaks application, ensuring swift and accurate updates to the system’s blacklist.
  4. Upon completion of the import process, the robotic assistants promptly send an email notification to the designated process manager. This email serves as confirmation of the successful execution of the deletion task.

This automated workflow within the IT Department facilitates efficient management of the phone deletion process, enhancing data privacy and customer satisfaction.

Use Case 9: Human Resources and Accounting Departments - Payroll Process

Accurate management of employee onboarding, offboarding, and monthly salary payments is of utmost importance for both the Human Resources and Accounting departments.

  1. At the end of each month, the robotic assistants retrieve a comprehensive list of company employees from the widely used accounting software, Logo application.
  2. The incoming employee list is intelligently compared to the previous month’s list by the robots, identifying any changes in personnel.
  3. New employees are seamlessly assigned unique identification numbers to ensure proper recordkeeping and payroll management.
  4. In addition, the robotic assistants diligently perform monthly salary payment checks for specific departments, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance with established policies.


These are just a few examples of how VooDoo RPA can transform your retail or e-commerce operations. Our experienced partners will work closely with you to identify your specific pain points and design customized RPA solutions tailored to your business requirements.

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