Web Service and CBS (Cross Browser Script) Tutorial

In this video, the data obtained from the datafakegenerator.com site with the CBS (cross browser script) method are stored in the in-memory data source of our RPA robot. At the same time, a Web service query was made with this metadata, and the values returned from the Web Service were kept in the relevant fields of the same data source. In addition, in this process, VooDoo’s screen scraping method was used for button operation on the screen instead of CBS. This combination of methods increases the technology independence of VooDoo RPA and shows that you can do any work that can be seen on the screen with VooDoo.

With VooDoo RPA’s developer mode, you can integrate your own artificial intelligence tools with VooDoo and create a lab environment with VooDoo RPA for these types of jobs. VooDoo is not just an RPA product, it is an RPA Platform for advanced developers.

Push your limits with VooDoo RPA! 🙂