Getting Exchange Rates from the Database and Unified Console (Orchestrator) Usage Tutorial

Hello there,

In this video, we explained that the exchange rates read from the T.C. Central Bank site with the screen data extraction step, assigning them to the data source, then saving them to the database, and calling the exchange rate for the desired number of days from the database and writing it to the excel file.

We calculated these exchange rates with the amount of Turkish Liras that we sent over our reporting and management interface – the unified console (UC – orchestrator for our robotic process automation web-based interface). In this way, we were able to calculate the foreign exchange amounts corresponding to the exchange rates of the relevant day with Robotic Process Automation.

We designed the script in this way. So how would you design this scenario with VooDoo RPA studio? We welcome your comments.

Develop different methods with VooDoo RPA 🙂