Two Strong Ways of Voodoo RPA with Screen Scraping using AI Component and UI Component

We explained you about two methods of screen data extraction with Voodoo RPA. One is the innovative method, which is artificial intelligence-based screen reading, and the other is the traditional method, which is an accessibility framework.

You will not be able to use the traditional method if software that is not produced in accordance with UI automation or if access is restricted for security reasons (EX: In case the accessibility framework does not work if Chrome is not started with force render). In many projects we have seen in the field, we have seen that RPA products trying to do business only with the traditional method cannot be used in many unrecognized applications.

The innovative method does not require low-level API and accessibility frameworks to access these applications. This means that any action a person can do can be done without being dependent.

The weaknesses of the innovative method are that although we say that the computer recognizes the fonts 100%, there is the possibility that optical character recognition problems can be seen in very specially created fonts with inappropriate sizes.

To summarize, although both methods have strengths and weaknesses, the fact that both features are under our application roof makes VooDoo strong and eliminates application dependency. While Voodoo can use SAP very easily, it can easily use a product developed in-house, even a product that does not comply with the standards.