Data Extraction from Voucher with VooDoo Robotic Process Automation

You can extract a data from structured data with robotic process automation but with VooDoo RPA you can extract unstructured data also as voucher, pdf, image etc.

We explained how to extract total amount information and vendor name from a voucher using Voodoo RPA. For this, we prepared a simple and understandable scenario in few steps. We have a voucher that we photographed with a phone camera. On this voucher, we will read the vendor name and total amount information that we think necessary in accounting and make it write in a notepad. In our first step, we will use the data extraction step from the screen and first extract the total amount information. Then we take this data to the clipboard and make it write on a notepad. In the second data extraction step from the screen, as you can see, we selected the vendor name field and we will take this data and paste it into the notepad. We are running the robot now. You can read the data taken out of the voucher from notepad after running the plan. Let’s watch. When the plan is completed, you can see what the robot is doing in turn with the report result. You can read data from the screen and use it wherever you want without the need for a different OCR engine that comes embedded OCR with Voodoo RPA itself.